It's finally Hallowe'en, the most spooky's event! Rhys's mother annual death is also here the same time and Alusha tries her best to arrive nick in time!


There was a time

About: Random short stories that I just post here for fun. -Lopous __ Fire, Wind and Water Nation (Short Romance) There was a time I had a girlfriend actuall in my country and I didn't care much about her past, until the fire nation attacked... I found out she was part of the fire nation…

Where’s My Cake?

About: It's about named male Rhys and a female named Alusha, it's soon Christmas and all Rhys wants is his goddam cake! ___ *NOTICE: THESE "DECEMBER" THINGS IS LIKE A DATE/DAY THING!* December 23rd Someone charged at the door and knocked on it, I was wondering who it was. Therefore, I checked the door, and…