About: It’s about named male Rhys and a female named Alusha, it’s soon Christmas and all Rhys wants is his goddam cake!



December 23rd

Someone charged at the door and knocked on it, I was wondering who it was. Therefore, I checked the door, and it was my friend Rhys. I opened the door and letting Rhys in, and Rhys asked me “Hey, Alusha! Where is my cake? » I replied “You won’t get it now, you stupid cake lover!” as I giggled.

We went to the TV room and watched a movie together with some popcorn, snacks, and chocolate. As soon, the movie was about to begin Rhys asked, “Where’s my cake? » I sighed and replied, “Not now dumb-dumb, it’s not ready yet.”

Rhys asked after half way of the movie “Is it okay I can sleep over? » I replied, “Sure thing, just you’re sleeping on the floor.” and I giggled. Rhys nodded and said, “I won’t mind so long I get my cake tomorrow. » I replied, “Yeah, yeah tomorrow it is.” He did a victory sign and was happy when I saw his happiness, I blushed, and I smiled.

The movie was over, and the clock was already 9 PM, and Rhys said: “I’ll go and sleep now and I will see my cake tomorrow.” He stood up, walked to the guest room, and slept on the floor.

I said to myself in the third person “Alusha goes to sleep now.” I walked to my room and curled under the blanket and said, “I’ll never talk in the third person again, it was a bit creepy.” I giggled and fell asleep.

December 24th

The next morning, I woke up early, walked to the kitchen, and got ready to celebrate Christmas. Rhys woke up as well and did a big yawn, he walked to me and asked “Where’s my cake? » I replied, “If you help me with the decoration, I’ll make that goddam cake!” He rushed and took on more clothes, and he helped me fix up the decorations.

After hours of decorating, we were done, and Rhys was all tired out of helping. Rhys asked while breathing heavily, “Where’s…my…cake?” I replied, “It’s coming right up, you fool.” I walked to the kitchen and started to make chocolate cake. I took the recipes from the shelf and started baking, it took me hours to make, and I got it done around 7:30 PM.

I delivered the cake to Rhys, and Rhys sat and made the cake and began to eat it with his hands. He started groaning, moaning and eating all of the cake like he has not eaten anything in years! He as he ate Rhys got chocolate cake all over his face and hands, and he did some weird kind of ‘Omg, Yes! More!’ kind of look. He began to say “Oh, yup! More! » he began to take the cake all over his face and sniffed it.

After 30 mins of groaning, moaning and eating almost having an orgasm…. Rhys burped and asked, “Where’s my cake?”, I replied, “The cake is a lie.”


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