About/Desc: This is the sequel to “Where’s My Cake?” that Ahmed was really happy about and made another one!

Rhys and Alusha is back again! Rhys really want a Egg Cake for this Easter and going with Alusha to find one! They meet a man in a rabbit costume and he lost an egg cake!

Cover: http://minocvi.deviantart.com/art/Where-s-My-Cake-The-Egg-Cake-597857093


©Ahmed E. ©Bombnom

March 21st, The first day of Easter.

It’s been a while since me and Rhys have talked to each other… I wonder where he is. Out of nowhere, I can hear a voice screaming from a distance “HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYY!!!” I turned around and it was Rhys, he seemed happy to see me – I was happy too.

I walked to Rhys and he ran into, I was a bit prepared for what he would ask and what he would do.

He then jump attacks me and I dodged his jump attack, and he fell on his face first. I giggled and starting bursting a laugh, then he looks at me and said “Meanie…” I hugged him and said “Hello, you idiot cake lover.” He hugged me back and asked me “Want to go out and look for some egg cakes?” I giggled and replied “Sure, let’s see what we can find.”

We then started to look for a cake that’s formed like an egg. On the road we found a rabbit – no it was a person in a rabbit costume, hurt. Me and Rhys asked “Are you okay?” And helped the person up. The person replied “Not so much, someone stole my egg cake…” Rhys shouted and took the person on the shirt “Tell me where they walked and took the egg cake!”

The person directed us to whereabouts where the egg cake was. I started to think it was some kind of trap, but I relied on Rhys to protect us and stay alive. We then was front of whereabouts and it seemed like a giant castle made of cake! I thought it was very odd, I started to think theories what this would turn out like. Then Rhys took me on the shoulder and said “I’m going to enjoy an egg.” I looked at him and giggled.

We walked in the cake castle and it was cake everywhere, to the right, to the left, on the floor, even above us! I looked at Rhys again and it seemed like he drooled and wanted to be as calm as possible. I asked Rhys “Are you sure you’ll be okay?” He replied with a thumb up and we continued to walk around.

And somehow it was very dark here… It was very odd… It started to just become dark, I began to question it and look out of the window and it seems like it’s night. I began to think how it was so fast night, when it was just morning. Rhys then said “Do you think this is a trap Alusha?” I replied “It must be… Be on your guard.”

After a while, walking and looking at all the cakes in the castle so did we see the egg cake, Rhys was really happy so he then took the egg cake and I heard something turn on, I looked around and it was a cake from the ceiling falling on us, Rhys and I barely dodged and started to run for our lives. As we ran and ran to the exit, but all different cakes started to fall on us from all the position we could think of.

We was about 5 meters away from the exit and Rhys said while running and holding the egg cake “I’m so exited to eat this egg cake.” And he smiled, I looked at him and blushed. I replied “You better leave a taste for me, you cake lover.” Then there it was the exit, we opened the door and it was morning as I thought and knew, and it was somehow rabbit people everywhere… Rhys then took a spoon and a fork out of his pockets, and said “Stay away or I’ll eat this egg cake right here, right now!” Then an elder rabbit man came and said “Go ahead, enjoy your cake, you deserve it.” Rhys was happy and gave me the fork and we began eating the cake. Rhys ate faster and more than me.

Rhys and I got done with the egg cake, and he looked at me and said “Where’s My Cake?”



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