*This is not a sequel, it’s more like a special and was for a test for Lopous had as he wrote this*

Alusha finds this new game called ‘The Legend of The Fantasy Cake’ Rhys joins in and plays with Alusha. Then as they play the board somehow gets reality!? Everything is just magical, mythical and mysterious!

What will happen with Alusha and Rhys and what will they find in this place?


CHAPTER 1 – The Board Game

*This book is a little special for the series and how much I like it, this is not a sequel, it’s more like a fantasy special for my school test, enjoy! ;)*

* = The commentary/shout out, ignorable.

May 3rd 20XX

I was outside walking and suddenly I saw this big arcade place, it had this new game! I wanted to show, Rhys this game, so I got the game myself, but when I was about to play the game the cashier said this game is cursed and I said that I’ve been in crazy places, I don’t think is a problem. I bought the game and then went to Rhys’ place and pressed on the doorbell and it had a fancy ring tone, I mumbled it the song ‘da-daaa-dada- ta da-da-da-da-da-daaaa’. As I mumbled the song, so Rhys opened the door and sang ‘Army Of The Night’, I know that Rhys love Power Metal, but I somehow didn’t quite like his singing on it.

Once Rhys got finished with his singing, he asked me “What’s up?- Also came with a new cake to me?” With a small smirk on his face. I answered “No and yes, I got this new game called “The Legend of The Fantasy Cake”, the cashier said it’s cursed, but I think we’ve been in weirder places in our life” Rhys giggled a bit and said “Sure, come here and let’s play!” He took a neck lock on me and dragged me in, I saw his sweat and screamed did an arm drag and took him on the floor and yelled “GET A SHOWER BEFORE YOU TOUCH ME!” Rhys touched his butt and slowly got up and said “Yes ma’am” and crawled to the shower.

Meanwhile Rhys was in the shower, I was preparing the game ready and read the rules and how to play this game, because I have never played an RPG game in my life. After 20 minutes of reading and rules, Rhys got done in the shower with some new clothes and the shirt said “I ❤ Cake” *This is a shout out to No Game No Life, Sora’s shirt that says “I ❤ Humanity”* I said to Rhys “Nice shirt, where did you get this? Cakeshop.com?” As I giggled in an evilish laughter, then he said with a sarcastic tone “Yes, I did buy it from there, got a problem?” I answered, “No, I don’t, now sit down and let’s play this game!”

Rhys took a seat and sat down and asked me “Well, How do you play this?” I answered, “Well, do you want the long or short explaining?” Rhys said “The long one” I took a deep breath and talked faster and faster “First, you choose a character, that you customize for your liking, class and such, then you name this character, also don’t forget the dice rolls, we have to throw these 1-9 dice rolls. Closer we get to 00, the more of a power we get, we also throw the dice on how many spaces we go-” Rhys shouted at me and said “I GET IT, THE SHORT AND EASY VERSION!” I giggled with a kappa face look at me and said “We create our characters, choose class, throw these 1-9 dice rolls, closer we get to 00 more a super critical we get. That’s pretty much the short version- oh don’t forget we need to throw this 1-10 dice roll to take steps.” Rhys sighed and said “Let’s play.”

After hours of character making, class choosing, so did I stay as an Elf Healer and Rhys as a Dwarf Warrior. We put our figure on the board and threw the dice same time and got 10! Then the board somehow shined on us and blinded us.


* = The commentary/shout out, ignorable.

The light slowly faded away and we could see clearly again and it seems like we are in a different place, maybe it’s the board I thought, then I saw a village in the distance, and the place looked like a dessert city. I looked at Rhys as always he drooled when he saw the cake house, typical Rhys. I took Rhys’ elbows and said “Let’s find a way out, I don’t think they wish to be in your stomach Rhys.” Rhys was disappointed “Aahh~ they seem so delicious! Can’t I at least have one bite?” I replied “No, you-” before I could finish my sentence, it randomly just appeared a sour frog from the ground, Rhys looked really happy and I said “Dig in” and I sighed, Rhys was happy and jump attacked the frog and began eating it. But little did I know the frog did a counter attack and began to eat with Rhys, I took my stuff and did the first hit magic I learned just in case and hurt the sour frog so the frog spat out Rhys.

Rhys looked really angry and took his sword out and shouted his sword skill “GASTIC STAB!” And hit the frog with a stunning damage! I used my healing magic to heal Rhys and restore his mana.

After healing a while Rhys took a breath and said “Well, that’s no delicious sour frog….” I giggled and said “What did you expect from a sour frog?” Rhys looked in the air for a moment and then looked at me with a pun looking smirk, I was ready! Rhys begun speaking and said “I expected them to be a bit more salty.” *When I looked up another word for “sour” this was there…* I did a face palm and was in pain how bad that pun was, yet I still laughed a bit.

It was quiet a moment, the wind was blowing, it was just me and Rhys looking up the sky like we were on a date, this time without a bunny telling us to get some kind of Egg Cake. Rhys began snoring, I thought he fell asleep, but when I looked at him, he did his typical snoring laughter when he remembered something funny. I asked Rhys “What are you snoring about?” Rhys snored and said “Because this reminds me of the Egg Cake we did, just all it needs a cake formed like an egg and a bunny- even an elder bunny letting us eating it.” I looked away from Rhys and said “Yeah, it was actually fun I wished we actually did more like this, crazy adventures, just you and me- also some cakes.” Rhys laughed in agreement and I smiled.

After a while giggling and laughing, Rhys said something I always wanted to remember “To be honest, I don’t want do it with anyone else, because you’re my only friend and always been my friend. I wouldn’t know what to do if something happened to you. But it seems like now we’re more than friends, maybe best friends, maybe something else, who knows?” I blushed in happiness, I have never been so happy in my entire life, so I figured out that I should tell Rhys my feelings, but I didn’t… I wished to keep it a bit longer, maybe Rhys would feel better around me after we left his place.


* = The commentary/shout out, ignorable.

We were very tired and agreed to sleep in an inn. We walked to the closest inn and I totally saw the name and was ready… I took Rhys’ arm and walked in. The person behind the desk said “Welcome to Cake inn!” Rhys reacted fast to the person behind the desk and said “CAKE!?” And rushed walked to the person behind the desk while I tried to control him.

Rhys asked hagrrasive *mix of hungry, angry and aggressive* “Where’s… My… Cake?” And took his arm on the desk. The person was a bit scared and said “S-S-S-Sorry, b-b-b-but t-the e-evil l-lord g-got e-every c-c-c-c-cake in the world- Please don’t hurt me.” As he covered his face. I pushed Rhys away and whispered “Did you forget that we’re here for saving this town and get the cake?” Rhys replied back a bit more calm “But, Alusha! I am hungry, I really want to eat.” I squeezed his cheeks and looked at his eyes, and said “Let’s get a room, two rooms and then we’ll eat!” Rhys nodded in agreement and I took out my wallet and asked the guy behind the desk “How much for two rooms for a night? Uh…” I have begun to read the name plate “Mr. Breadon?” Mr. Breadon replied and said “No, it’s free I overheard you two and you’ll defeat the evil lord, so it’s on me this night.” I replied “Well, how much for food in our room?” Mr. Breadon looked at me and said “Oh, that will be 1 silver and 20 copper” I tried to find 1 silver and 20 copper and handed it to Mr. Breadon and said “Give it to our room- Oh, also thanks for the free night” Mr. Breadon said “Yeah, we’ll do and thanks for doing this for our town.” Rhys and I looked at Mr. Breadon, and one word after another “We just wish to go home, we do this for no one” Then we walked upstairs to our rooms. Once we were upstairs Mr. Breadon said to himself a bit loud “Wow, they’re cold. But it doesn’t matter… So long they save us.”

Day 2

I woke up early and begun to take on my clothes and getting ready to head to the castle with Rhys.
I was checking on Rhys on the next room to me and I knocked on the door. There was no answer… kind of weird. I wanted to go in the room, but he might be asleep or taking on clothes. I didn’t take the chance, so I yelled “RHYS WAKE UP!” I heard something or someone fall. Rhys replied “What time is it?” I was tempted to say ‘Hammer Time’ but I know Rhys will rub my head if I do, so I said “It’s clobberin time!” I heard a lot of sounds behind the door, so I slowly backed away from the door.

Rhys slammed down the door and said “Let’s go!” Like he was born ready to wreck some ass! And I thought to myself “So bad ass….”


Rhys and I started to walk towards the castle of the evil lord, that neither of us knew the name of.
I was always curious about what his or who he is… or is he even a male or female? I’m not sure, all these questions go through my mind and it started to smoke through my head of all these thinking. Then Rhys pats me and said “Don’t think over it, don’t be nervous, because I believe in you as you believe in me. And remember that I will always be by your side.” I looked up at Rhys and smiled, I felt safe, happy and I relied on Rhys and said “You stupid cake lover, you never stop impressing me, do you?” Rhys rubbed back of his head and laughed a bit.

There it was the big spooky castle… or just a giant castle that looked like a giant hard dungeon that neither of us was prepared for… I was a bit nervous and a bit scared, then I looked at Rhys and Rhys looked amazed and looked back at me, he saw how nervous and scared I was so he offered his hand and said “Need a hand? Ma’am?” I was too nervous and scared to answer with words, so I nodded and took his hand.

We started to enter the castle and going over the bridge that seem pretty old built…
Once we were inside there was someone there in a purple wizard type of coat, holding some kind of staff that had purple fire on it… This person turned around and looked us, we stared back and I asked “Are you a male or female? Because it’s kind of hard to tell with that coat and mask..” The person answered like it was two people talking at once “I’m Daagon, a male. My age is a mystery.” Rhys said “Well… you sound like you’re around the 30’s maybe… so you could be 30+ years old…” As he was poking around. Daagon walked towards us and said “These rumors or stuff you heard about the evil lord, aka me, is all false… I’m not evil or anything… I’m just the lord of this place. These town people wish to throw me out or wish me dead… that’s why I started to take the town’s people cake… And if you wish to take this cake…. You have to go through me.” Then he slammed his staff on the floor and pushing us both with some kind of force. And he continued saying “I’m way more powerful, I’m way more expired, I’m way smarter than both of you together…” Rhys and I slowly stood up and we said “Even how powerful, smarter or have been in more fights than us… No matter what you said or do… We will go back to our home and eat some delicious cake!”

Rhys rushed towards Daagon and I used some support magic to help him. Rhys started to take a swing to the right and hit Daagon’s arm! And I said “Good job Rhys!” But… Rhys was the one taking damage, I was speechless, I ran towards Rhys and took a look at him, I saw that Daagon blocked the sword and hit Rhys with a small fire dagger that became long to a sword! I was getting more and more speechless, I was scared, I had no idea what I should do and I looked at Rhys and he smiled. Then I knew what I should do. I charged at Daagon with my ultimate attack. Daagon tried to move, but couldn’t because Rhys held him tight. I said with tears and cracked voice “THIS IS OVER!”
I was completing my attack, Daagon looked at me and said “Do you plan to kill us both? How stupid do you think you’re? Isn’t this guy your best friend or boyfriend?” I replied “I will not kill him, because remember in all RPG, there’s no friendly fire. Daagon looked surprised and laughed “Nice played…” And I saw his eyes… It became one blue, one red eye… then they slowly became purple…. I thought this was scary, so I charged my ultimate attack even stronger and bigger. “Here we go then! ULTIMATE ATTACK: FANTASY CAKE!” And it was a direct hit! The explosion was formed as a cake and Rhys were on the floor and a door opened. And I heard a voice, no two voices “You have one wish…. Revive your friend…. Or leave this place while he’s dead…” I checked his heart, it was still beating I tried to use healing magic, but I was out of mana… I tried to find mana potion. There were none…
I replied to the mysterious voice “I wish Rhys back and leave this place…” The voice other darker voice said “Sorry, but we can’t hold this door forever… So what’s your wish?”
The other lighter voice said “I can maybe do that… But… It might reset everyone’s memory without yours, is that alright Alusha?”

I said “Yes, please, I won’t mind. So long I get my Rhys back.” I held Rhys tightly and kissed him and everything went through a white flash, like I was going back in time.

May 3rd 20XX

Everything was back to it was, but I felt like someone was missing… I couldn’t tell what it was completed. Then I walked and saw the store and I saw the game through the glass and said “Not today.” I walked home, sat down and relaxed after what happened today, I giggled and looked up at the ceiling then begun to close my eyes and say “Where’s My Rhys?”



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