This just tells you more about “Where’s My Cake?” And what’s the plot is and the characters in the story.
Will update each time there’s something new or when I have time.


The Plot

“Where’s My Cake?” is about Alusha and Rhys as you all know.
Rhys loves cake more than anything and that’s what he want to continue to eat, because that was his mom’s last words.

Rhys and Alusha promised to find the best cake there is in the world, even how far they have to go! They would go and take a taste on every cake there is and not stop until they find it!


Rhys “Blake” Gavin is a 26 years old man who loves cake! Mostly his mom’s and Alusha’s the most.

Rhys’ mom died when he was still young at the age of 14, he was about to stop eating cakes and give up all hopes. Thanks to his mom’s last words he kept on and was strong, he never gave up even if the odds was against him.

Rhys is 6’0 feet tall, weight about 70kg (About 154 lbs) his body was mix of lazy and muscular, even he didn’t train that well and loved to play video games and eat.

Rhys used to have Green hair when he was 9, but changed it to brown when he was 16. His original hair color is dark brown, that looked like stars in the night.

Rhys’ favourite food is: Spaghetti.

Rhys’ eyes: Green Blue-ish

Rhys’ favourite dessert: Cake

Rhys’ crush: No one (or is it!?)

Rhys’ favourite game company: Nintendo (only one he have known)

Rhys’ favourite anime: Any anime that features a cake.

Rhys’ relatives: Have only a dad, the mother is dead.


Alusha “Dianne” Manison is 25 years old she is a HUGE geek and a HUGE nerd! She’s super smart, but very VERY clumsy!

Alusha is a red headed girl, it’s a pretty bright red from her mother, even she lived with her dad all her life, but she’s seen pictures of her, seen videos and a lot more.

Alusha is also a huge fan of the author of Berserk (an anime). She is currently living with her brother Wandler “Jackson” Manison.

Alusha and Rhys met when they were 15/16 years old, just from a random Truth Or Dare game her brother and friends invited her for, ever sense that day they’ve been friends, but they had some kind of fight.

I plan to write this Truth Or Dare thing in the future, so be excited.

Alusha is 5’5 feet tall and weight around 85 kg (around 187 lbs), she got a thick body, but she loves her body even how much other people doesn’t that well.

Alusha’s favourite food is: Curry

Alusha’s eyes: Emerald green with red sparkles

Alusha’s favourite dessert: Pudding

Alusha’s crush: Rhys

Alusha’s favourite game company: Nintendo all the way!

Alusha’s favourite anime: Berserk (Manga more than the anime)

Alusha’s relatives: Dad died in a war, mom died by heart attack, Only have her big brother left.


Not been in the story yet, but he’s Alusha’s big brother.

Wandler “Jackson” Manison, 32 years old man, he’s a super smart guy! He loves to wear his black top hat around and feeling rich and classic.

He’s accent is very royal British, he talks a bit Shakespeare and normal English language time to time.

He’s currently super rich and lives alone, but he doesn’t want be a show of and be like the other rich people.

He loves to donate his money for charity and help his sister out the best way he can.

He’s currently 6’1 feet tall and weight around 78 kg (around 171 lbs), he doesn’t watch TV or play video games that often, he loves going out in the nature and just explore out.

He currently have dark long hair to his shoulders and his eyes is like looking at crystals.

Wandler’s favourite food is: Rice

Wandler’s eyes: Emerald green with blue sparkles

Wandler’s favourite dessert: Doesn’t like dessert that much, but loves to eat muffins.

Wandler’s crush: No one

Wandler’s favourite game company: Nintendo (only company he knows, because of his sister.)

Wandler’s favourite anime: ERASED

Wandler’s relatives: Alusha and Dad


Daagon or he’s real name… Actually no one knows his real name or full name nor does he.
All Daagon knows that he hit his head and lost his memory and is on a hunt to find his trueself once more.

After searching and searching for years Daagon turned into a Demigod Warlock, he didn’t care who died or who helped. He didn’t even care about his memory that he lost as a child.. Daagon searched for a new path and he’s yet know what he seek, even tho he searches for something and that “something” is he trying to find so he can rest aside.

Daagon took his name from the word “Dragon”, because he found them quite fascinating and even found a dragon tooth that he forged with his staff.

Daagon Age: ??? (he lost his memory, even his age, so it makes sense that he don’t know)

Daagon’s hair: ??? (He always wear a hood to hide his face and hair)

Daagon’s eyes: Purple (can turn red and blue)

Daagon’s height: Questionable (He can float or not whenever he wishes)

Daagon’s fav food: Something that tastes good.

Daagon’s fav color: Black and purple


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