October 30th 20XX 

Today is my favorite event, Hallowe’en!– Well it’s tomorrow more correctly, and I figured to make Rhys one of his top 5 list of cake he wants to eat, and that’s a pumpkin’ cake! And he loves my baking more than anything when I think about it… Whenever we went on adventures he didn’t enjoy those cakes as he enjoyed mine, Rhys just ate them like their traditional cakes he gets from shops.

Ehem- Anyway away from my concern I am going to the shop near the city that is surprisingly only a 10-minute walk to get my costume for this year. I’d love to wear the same, but I have grown in size, so I can’t wear my Nami from One Piece clothing.
Well, I started to look for a cute dress I could use, but sadly they were sold out. So I just went out as myself, just took on my bunny ears I had lying around.

Then a sudden call from Rhys, I thought what he wanted, might be about cake, but who knows it might be something special this time. I answered the phone and said “Hello Rhys, is there something you want from me?” Rhys replied, “Yeah, today I’d love to see my mom’s grave with you if that’s alright, for once let’s be slightly determined.” I was a bit surprised about that reply, so I said “Sure, when do you want me to see you?” He then asked after a heavy breath “How does 9 PM sound like?” I was looking at my clock to see how much it was and it was still early at 1 PM, then I replied: “Sure Rhys, I’ll see you in the graveyard.” I was about to cancel the call, and Rhys said “Alusha…. Thank you.” And then the call ended.

I slapped myself together and started to rush towards home to make a great pumpkin cake for Rhys, and hopefully, he’ll know that I will do anything to keep him happy and maybe I’ll have the courage to say my feelings to him.

I have finally arrived home, and it’s now 1:10 PM, so I started making preparations for the grave I was trying to make the best cake Rhys could ever eat in his entire life, maybe better than chocolate cake he loves to death, no pun intended.

I figured the cake would take maybe 2 or 3 hours to make and it’s still this early. So I walked to an arcade place and saw my friends there as well my brother Wandler. I thought about not bothering them, but Wandler noticed me and said “Alusha ~” and slowly approached me and gave me a hug, I, of course, hugged him back and said, “Long time no see brother.” He giggled and said, “Yeah, it have been ages, what makes you come to our arcade place?” I was slightly confused. Then I asked him “Ours? Do you own this place?” And he did some pose and said “Yes, I do own this place. I detailed this location as what you wanted as a teenager.” We stopped hugging each other, and I said: “Well thank you very much, Wandler, it’s very sweet of you to do this for me, but I just wanted to  waste some time so that I can make the cake for Rhys in time.” Wandler didn’t say anything, but he showed me a sign of saying ‘Let loose’ and I started to walk inn.

There was nothing like this I’ve seen it… huge! I thought this was a small arcade, but nope this is like visiting a mansion!

I was inside, and I don’t joke when I say this place is huge, I didn’t have any words, just a big open mouth of surprise.
Wandler came over to me and said: “Just like you ordered, a heaven of the arcade.” I didn’t reply, because I was still shocked by how amazing the place looks, I even made a small tear.

I looked over to Wandler and said: “Guess who’ll get a hug?” And then hug attacked him, the hug was very tight, more like a happy hug. Wandler then asked me “Well, are you going to play or are you going to stand here and hug me all day?” I released the hug and didn’t say a word, and ran to all the games I could play. I was looking at the clock for every match I played do I didn’t miss making the cake and Rhys’s mom grave.

The clock 7 PM, three hours left, so I left the place and started to walk home. I saw another friend of mine who dressed as a purple wizard, and I asked him “Who are you supposed to be?” He answered with a weird accent “I am the most powerful amazing wizard—oh yeah I can’t say his name because it’s more fun you find out.” I took a random stick and poked him and said: “You don’t seem that sturdy, I bet an elf mage could kill you.” He hit me weakly with the staff and then after that, a random wand. I rubbed my head because it hurt from the staff and I said: “I have to go now Cleve, I’ll see you later man!” And I have begun running home.

I arrived home around 8:00 PM and I started cooking, I was concentrated and completely ready for giving this to Rhys. I was nearly completed with the cake, and I thought to add something special inside or get a flower. I brought up my phone and called my brother Wandler and asked him to get red flowers for me and bring to me as fast he can make possible can.

I added the cake to the oven and waited for Wandler to arrive with the flower.

The clock was 8:30 PM and Wandler hasn’t appeared yet, I was anxious about him. Meanwhile, I was about to complete the cake; then I added the final touches my special sauce.

I didn’t want to waste more time, so I started driving to the graveyard. On the way, I called Wandler and asked where he was. I lost the phone where the breaks were, so I knew if it stayed there I couldn’t stop at all. So I tried to find a parking spot, and I saw one, but someone was beating me to it. We collided together, and I was in a comma.

~The End?


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