I could sit here and talk about all the meme-able moments in this anime, but I’ll spare you the time. I love all the characters in this anime, mostly Miss “EXPLOSION!”, Megumin she’s my favourite character.

Season 1

The first season with 13 episodes, all of them is special and hilarious in their own way. The animation and quality is top notch and the boobs isn’t balloon and actually looks pretty real. Which is something I’m quite happy about they added and put effort into.
Aqua, who is a goddess, which no one suddenly belives in anymore. Kazuma meets Aqua after one of the most funny- no one of the most hilarious deaths in anime history (that I know of so far).

Aqua offers Kazuma offers 2 choices. The first one is to defeat the dark lord and the other is to go back to life as a baby, like a reset button. If Kazuma chooses to defeat the dark lord, he can get 1 wish, anything he desires. Kazuma chooses to defeat the dark lord after slowly getting forced to reset his life as a baby. He gets his wish and meets campanions.

I could write more, but I rather you enjoy every episode before I spoil everything.

Season 2

Oh my…. This. THIS season is my favourite of all time. Everything in this season is hilarous, you can’t have one moment without laughing your ass off! The story and direction and how they meet characters and Kazuma is assumed to be part of the Dark Lord’s soldiers. They manage to get him out of it, but how they do it is hilarious. It’s like an upgrade in comedy, the irony, the sarcasm, the timing, everything is just amazingly done.

This season as well got only 13 episodes sadly, but hopefully Season 3 will have more, because the popularity it have gotten latetly. People start to be mad the animation seem less quality, I don’t really see that, it seems even bigger of a quality than Season 1.

You can of course as always watch this anime, legally at Crunhyroll.

I don’t give rate numbers, even I know that’s part of “review”. -Lopous


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