Info: Truth Or Cake? Is like a filler, but relevant to the story. You’ll find out how Alusha & Rhys first met each other and a bit about Rhys’ mother.
Think this like a pre-sequel to the series.

About: This goes back to 2010, where Alusha went to her best friend’s birthday party as she finally hit 15 as well.
On the way, Alusha gets some majestic pictures and meet Connor, which is one of the ex-boyfriends, which she wasn’t pleasant to see.
She was most curious about this friend of Sage that will arrive at her birthday party.

19th March 20X

It’s night, about eight o’ clock. It’s not that dark, but it’s still night for me.
I’m currently home with my brother and uncle at the United States of America, California around the south part of California.
I can’t write the location because that’s private and my uncle got some people at his ass, who knows if they read this.

Either way, I’m Alusha, I love writing most of my years or numbers in Roman numerals, once I read this book about a girl and a guy going to these amazing adventures for treasure.
I currently have this sickness that could probably be the end of me, but I want to go out on an adventure, explore everything before my heart stops and my body gives out.

Well, I should sleep now before I get too tired for tomorrow. Because tomorrow will my friend have her birthday and I’m quite excited for it!

I went to bed took on my pajamas and started to close my eyes for a new day. I got this dream as I slept that said “Cake” over and over again, then I fell asleep.

20th March 20X

It’s an incredible- no a gorgeous morning. The sun is shining on my face, the birds are singing and my stomach- well.. that one is roaring from the dream that mentioned cake countless times. I stood up from my bed, walked to the bathroom and started to brush my teeth.
I’m so happy we all have our bathrooms so that things can go quicker and no one can complain.
I washed my face. I just jumped into the shower to get all the dirt away from my body. I sang in the shower my favorite lullaby from my favorite game, The Legend Of Zelda, Zelda’s Lullaby.

My family and friends say that I should start as a singer and not as an explorer or a writer, which I don’t believe them in for, like in my head I got the most horrible singing voice. The people here are so sweet to me. So this time I started to record my voice if it is true.
After the showering, I began to listen my singing from the recorder.
My voice, it’s more beautiful than I thought it was, I cried of how beautiful it was– no how majestic it was. If I had to describe it, so was it like an angel singing to you as you descend to heaven or your mother singing to you a good night song. Or listening to Heart Of Courage by Two Steps From Hell, this is quite amazing, I have never imagined I’d have a voice like this.

My brother rushed to the bathroom and knocked on the door and said: “Are you okay?”, I replied, “Yes, I just listened to my voice, I’m just emotional how majestic and gorgeous it is.” “Heh, I’m glad you’re at least fine and not dying,” said Wandler with a calm voice and with relief.
I took on my new clothes on from the bathroom- which I manually installed myself like a boss! I’m too proud of myself to manage that.

I took on my favorite jeans that are steel blue colored, and it’s an enjoyable and comfortable jeans to wear, it’s like wearing pajamas outside, but not pajamas… Then I found my cute skull t-shirt which is gray.
I walked out of the shower, and I was ready for the birthday party. Suddenly I heard my phone’s message theme, I picked up my phone and read it, it said; “Hello Alusha, this is Sage the birthday girl. Connor is arriving as well, sadly (I know you hate him for what he did), but this handsome guy that I bet you’d love to meet, which is a good friend of mine. -Sage xoxoxo.”
I replied her with “You know that I’m demisexual, right? Even if he’s handsome, I need to feel emotional attraction for him. – Alusha.”

I began to walk my way to the bus that drives towards Sage’s apartment. There is where the birthday party will start. The bus ride took about 40 mins of looking outside and loved the nature and how beautiful our world can be few times or all the time, depends mostly on weather and time. I took out my camera and started to take pictures of the view and said to myself “Ah, so beautiful.”

I am waddling towards the door and knocks my favorite classic song, Beethoven 5th symphony. I was waiting for about 2 minutes before the door opened.
Sage looked at me and said “Welcome Alusha! You’re surprisingly the first one to arrive at this party.” “Oh, I thought I would be last because of the bus ride and admiring the view of nature.”
Sage looked me once more and asked me “D-Do you have any pictures?” I looked back at her and giggled “Yes I do; actually, you know I take pictures of stuff I love to stare at.” I took out my camera, and then I said: “Let’s go inside, alright?” Sage laughed and said, “Sure, come in.”
We walked in, closed the door after us and I took off my shoes by the door. We walked to the sofa and looked at the pictures I took and discussed the images until more people arrived.
Slowly more and more people came and looked at the collection of photos I got on my camera. There were mountains, nature, clothes, some random cosplays I enjoy, and the list goes on.

We’re now a full house, everyone is here the timed flew by, and now the clock is 6:15 PM.
Sage got a glass and started tinkling the glass. Everyone stopped talking to each other and looked at Sage. Sage stood proudly and said “Welcome everyone to my birthday party. I planned all of this to have the feeling of a party and not just a surprise birthday party like last year you guys did.” Everyone laughed for a moment, Sage continued “We’ll be starting with truth or dare, with bottle spin. After that, we’ll have a social hangout and see what to do. You can go home after the truth or dare if you wish, I don’t force you to stay. Like Alusha can’t stay too long because of her health.”
I took a stand to show myself and said: “Hi, I’m Alusha, it’s a pleasure to be here.” and walked to a random seat and sat. This chair made me feel like I was like in a bar, even though Sage’s parents do drink, which is surprisingly rare that I know of at least.

Sage waddled away to find a bottle and found an empty bottle that is called ‘Paladin Dan’, which is a quite famous alcohol drink here where I live.
I looked at Sage and said “Isn’t that bottle expensive as hell? How did your parents get it?” Sage looked at me back and replied: “My parents know this dude who works with the company that makes these.” “You can just come down to the floor with everyone, could be slightly more interesting with the bottle spinning,” said Sage towards me and everyone that’s not sitting on the floor.

I went off the chair and saw a person with short green hair. I went to Sage and whispered in her ear “Is that the dude you talked about?” Sage didn’t say anything, just did a thumb up and gave me a push as I should talk with him. I bumped into him and said “Oh, sorry.” He then replied “Oh, hi, you must be Alusha, right? I am Rhys, and people like to call me Blake, because of my hair– that’s a stupid reason… when I think about it.” he then did a big smile, kind of cute one. I nodded a yes. He then took out his phone and said “Want share numbers and emails? I’d love to talk with you more often later.” I didn’t want to, but I had a feeling he is a wonderful person. So I took out my phone, and we gave each other our numbers and emails.

I waddled to the chair and sat again by myself this time. Sage then once again took a glass and attempted to tinkle the glass, but the glass broke. Everyone burst into laughter and had to clean up the mess that Sage left. After cleaning up all the glass pieces hopefully Sage then said “Looks like it’s time to have Truth or Dare, the main event of this birthday party!” everyone was happy and I was very unsure of this.
We sat in a circle almost a perfect pentagram, and I giggled and said: “Maybe we could summon Satan himself if we make the pentagram.” it was a complete silence, no one said a word, and we continued. Sage put the empty bottle in the middle and spun it.

We played for hours, and it was mostly the cliché type of ‘I dare you to kiss this person’ or ‘do you have a crush?’, I even got dared to kiss the same gender, somehow felt good to kiss her. Either she’s a good kisser, or we’re just perfectly made for each other.
Then before I had to go Connor span it and dared me, he threatened me to die. This hurt my feelings, and I didn’t know what to say really. Rhys then punched him right in the face with a closed fist. Connor was right on the floor, and his nose and face are completely broken. Rhys then said, “I thought you were over her, we might be friends, but telling a girl to die because she broke your heart is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done.” I felt a shock through my heart when Rhys said that, he became more of an attractive person and very manly. I then went to Rhys and tapped him on the shoulder and said “it’s okay, I have to go now either way. I don’t care what Connor says.” I then looked him the eyes and continued to say “I am a grown female, I can take it.” my eyes were kind of watery I was happy, probably the happiest feeling I had in my life.

I went outside and walked to the taxi stop and waited. Hours passed by, and the Taxi arrived, I expected some cliché of ‘STOP!’ or something along those lines. Well, not everyone lives in a romance story, am I right?
I walked in the taxi, and I saw Rhys in the mirror, and he did the call sign as he wanted to call me. I picked up my phone,  and he called me, I, of course, picked up the phone. He said through the phone “Wish to hang out tomorrow?” I replied with a bit of relief and emotions through my voice as it was almost gone “Yes, I’d love too.” it was a bit of a pause and he replied “Good, I’ll see you tomorrow then.” with a calm voice as he knew how happy I was.
The taxi took a while, and I arrived home very happy, I paid the driver and walked inside. I undressed and went to bed and fell asleep.

21st March 20X

It was a beautiful morning- not. It was raining like crazy. But I love the rain, and it feels very refreshing. I did my morning routine and went to the shower and got myself prepared for the ‘hangout’ today. Rhys suddenly called me, and I answered, he said “Hey, sorry change of plans, if you wish to meet me, so come to the hospital. My mother is… there.” I replied with a calm voice and said: “Sure, I’ll meet you there.”

Some time went by, and I took the taxi on the way to the hospital. I saw Rhys there waiting for me. I walked out of the taxi and paid the driver. I walked to Rhys, and he said “Welcome and thanks for arriving. I wish I saw this coming, but I didn’t.” I stroked Rhys’ hair and said: “Don’t worry, it’s alright, think this as my payment to you for standing up for me.” He didn’t say a word, but I could tell by his eyes how thankful he was.

We then walked inside to find Rhys’ mother’s room and see how’s she’s doing. By the doctors there, it seems she’s fine, just unconscious. Rhys was relieved but stayed with him on his mother’s side. I were very nervous and slowly walked in and stood there by Rhys’ side.

We didn’t say anything, everything was quiet, the only thing we could hear was the beeping sound and people working. I wanted to say something or anything. But I couldn’t think of anything. Then Rhys’ mother suddenly talked, we could barely hear it. Rhys moved closer to hear what she said. As he heard every word, she said. His eyes showed sadness, I don’t know what to do. I felt very awkward just being there and doing nothing. Her mouth kept going slower and slower, and the beep was beeping more deliberate as she said her final word which was high enough for both of us to hear, she said “Where’ s my cake?” and the beeping stopped. The doctors rushed in and took us out, and we were waiting outside.

I then looked at Rhys and said: “Do you need a hug?” He didn’t say anything and just gave me a hug. I hugged him back, and he cried. He stroke his head and was trying to calm him down. He then asked me “Alusha do you know how to make a cake?” I replied, “Of course I do, I’m the best cake cook there is.” We then realized the hug, and he said: “Then Alusha, where is my cake?” I replied with a smile on my face “How does Christmas sound like for you?”

And that’s the tale of how Rhys and I became the best of friends, heck even how I got a crush on him and how I made cakes for Rhys. Is the story of our journey done? Well.. no. It will be in the next Book, named “Where’s My Cake? – The Last Cake”!

-The End


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